LinkHelp: Automate lead generation on LinkedIn


A complete tool to automate a large number of actions and expand your LinkedIn network

Developing your LinkedIn network is important, but it takes time. Connect to the right people, comment on posts, recommend relatives, collaborators, various actions that increase your visibility on LinkedIn. There are several tools to automate your LinkedIn account, and LinkHelp is one of them.

LinkHelp is an automation tool dedicated to LinkedIn. It thus makes it possible to perform a large number of actions, while spending less time on the platform to carry out these latter manually. Prospecting, influencing, sending messages, the possibilities are numerous. LinkHelp can be used by entrepreneurs, sales teams, recruiters, marketers, but also employees or people looking for a job. The objective of the tool is to help automate a LinkedIn account, simply and above all in a secure manner .

A LinkHelp extension is offered and available on Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The latter is accessible directly from LinkedIn. For the security aspect, LinkHelp insists on the fact that several automation tools are risky and can have negative consequences on a LinkedIn profile. This is not the case with LinkHelp. The extension acts with human behavior and real mouse movements. In addition, the LinkedIn API is used for all features and limits are set depending on the account (free or premium).

A tool to develop your LinkedIn network and find qualified prospects


Among the key features of the tool, we find:

  • automated sending of connection requests. A mass invitation function to develop your network based on keywords, interests, with a personalized message.
  • automatic responses
  • messages to wish a happy birthday
  • sending targeted messages
  • campaign statistics
  • recommendations: recommending the skills of certain people, congratulating them on their new job, sharing their LinkedIn posts …
  • data extraction
  • automatic tracking of people and interactions with certain messages (like)

LinkHelp is a paid tool, benefiting from an exclusive offer. A lifetime access to the tool is offered on AppSumo via a single payment to USD59 instead of USD1469. For this price, all the features mentioned above are available, as well as dedicated support.

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